Yana Bibb is a Swedish-American vocalist and songwriter. Her expression is rooted in jazz, but her music also includes influences of blues and Swedish folk melody.

Yana’s interest in music was cultivated early by her father, Blues artist Eric Bibb, she also found inspiration in her grandfather, Folk singer Leon Bibb and her great uncle, pianist John Lewis of The Modern Jazz Quartet.

Yana received her formal training in Jazz Vocal Performance at the City College of New York.

Her debut album, «Not a Minute Too Late» came out in 2014, followed by «Afternoon in Paris» in 2016.

She has performed extensively in her former hometown of New York City including at The Bitter End and The Livingroom. Yana has also toured Germany, Austria, and Switzerland where she has played Lachensaal, Thun, La Spirale in Fribourg, and Moods in Zürich. In the UK, performing in venues such as Cadogan Hall in London, Liverpool Philharmonic and Vicar Street in Dublin. In France, she has performed at several Festivals as well as at The New Morning and Sunset/Sunside in Paris.

In 2022 Yana graduated with her Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy from Zürich University of the Arts.

Yana currently lives with her Family in Switzerland and teaches Voice at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland.

She is also working on a new project and is looking forward to releasing new music and connecting with you live in 2023.


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